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White fillings provide patients with an excellent way to restore the beauty and symmetry of their smiles. The colour closely matches your natural teeth, so when you smile, unlike with traditional silver-coloured amalgam fillings, most observers won’t be able to tell you have a filling.

Are white fillings only for cavities?

White fillings can be used to restore teeth damaged by decay or trauma, including small cracks or chips.

What is a white filling?

White fillings consist of a type of polymer or plastic that the dentist lays down in layers and is bonded in place with a UV light between layers.

Except for the colour, what other advantages do white fillings have compared to amalgam fillings?

White fillings preserve more of your natural tooth. White fillings bond directly to the tooth without the need to remove as much of the tooth’s surface.

White fillings are an excellent option for patients who have metal allergies or who may not like the idea of mercury, no matter how minimal the quantity, used as part of the filling material.

People with sensitive teeth find white fillings decrease tooth sensitivity compared to using amalgam because metal reacts to hot and cold by expanding and contracting. The plastic used in white fillings does not react to temperature changes.

What if I already have amalgam fillings?

You can have your amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings.

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