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If you want to brighten your smile and boost your self-confidence, opting for a teeth whitening treatment is a great way to do it. Research has shown that teeth whitening treatments performed by dentists is a safe way to lighten your smile.

Dentist-provided teeth whitening products eliminate tobacco, coffee, tea, and dyed food stains from your tooth enamel.

What is the procedure?

We can provide you with stronger whitening agents that allow you, under a dentist’s supervision, to achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

Part of the whitening procedure offered by dentists includes whitening at the dental office, where the dentist can use stronger gels not sold in chemists. You can use a combination of at-home and in-office whitening steps if you prefer.

Many whitening procedures completed at the dentist’s office also offer an at-home maintenance kit which can keep your white smile looking fresh for years.

Is it effective on bridges and crowns?

Teeth whitening gels are only effective on your natural teeth, so schedule all restorative work after any teeth whitening. If you book these procedures after your teeth whitening treatment, we can match the shade of your restoration to your new tooth colour for a seamless smile.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

Not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening treatment. You may not be a candidate if you have:

  • Worn or damaged tooth enamel
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Intrinsic stains
  • Sensitive teeth and gums
  • Periodontal disease
  • Mouth Cancer

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