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Many people have dental phobias. It may be due to a childhood trauma, sensitive teeth, a strong gag reflex, a fear of needles, or even the sights and sounds of the dental surgery. Whatever the reason, the warm and comforting environment at The Cosmetic Dental Gallery helps nervous patients relax.

We have a separate consultation room for patients to review their treatment plans without pressure, and we provide audio-visual systems in each treatment room to help keep patients relaxed.

Do you offer sedation?

Upon request, we offer sedation dentistry for implants, extractions, and restorations to ensure your comfort and enable you to get the dental treatment you need as efficiently as possible.

What else can you do to help me overcome my anxiety?

We believe that open communication can make a significant difference in helping nervous patients relax. We take as much time as necessary to explain every facet of the procedure you will undergo, answering all your questions and helping put your mind at ease.

If necessary, we can pause a procedure at an appropriate moment to allow you to compose yourself. You may consider visiting the practice before your appointment to familiarise yourself with the look and feel of the office.

Is there anything else I can do to help calm my fears?

Many patients struggle with nervousness at the dentist and have found the following techniques helpful for alleviating stress and nervousness while receiving dental treatment:

  • Use a controlled breathing technique to distract yourself
  • Bring a novel to read while in the waiting room
  • Schedule the visit on a day where you won’t be pressed to return to work or get to another appointment on time
  • Bring headphones or use your phone to listen to your favourite music during your treatment
  • Practice meditation

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