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People can choose cosmetic dentures to help restore a natural appearance to their smile. Cosmetic dentures replace missing teeth, and function and look like your natural teeth.

What is the difference between cosmetic dentures and regular dentures?

The designers of cosmetic dentures go to great lengths to make your dentures appear as realistic as possible, without sacrificing functionality.

Unlike regular dentures which often have a bleach-white, uniform appearance, cosmetic dentures may be slightly discoloured, and the prosthetic teeth may vary slightly in size, just as real teeth do.

The dental lab constructs cosmetic dentures based on the features of your face. Your dentist will measure your face, and the lab will construct a set of dentures that fits your mouth perfectly.

Will anyone be able to tell I am wearing cosmetic dentures?

Cosmetic dentures are designed to look exactly like your natural teeth, so it is unlikely anyone will know you are wearing denture unless you tell them.

How do you care for cosmetic dentures?

Care for cosmetic dentures the same way you do regular dentures. You should brush them after you eat or drink and soak them at night in an antibacterial denture cleaning solution.

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